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Why is Replacing Teeth so Important?

The health issues far outweigh the aesthetic reasons


It may surprise you that the reason for replacing a missing tooth is not because a missing tooth is unsightly, creates low self-esteem or produces a lack of confidence both socially and at work, it’s the health risks of missing teeth that really matter.

Dental implants are involve the use of a titanium screw that is surgically inserted into the jawbone. The implant provides a foundation for a prosthetic tooth replacement (such as a crown, bridge or denture). Dental implants are required when a patient has lost one or more teeth and the titanium screw can take around three to six months to integrate with the jaw. This integration is what causes a permanent and strong foundation for prosthetic teeth.

If left untreated tooth loss can impact your oral health in many bad ways. Dental implants are an effective means of preventing a great number of unpleasant physical conditions associated with tooth loss, such as:

  • Did you know that tooth loss can lead to the deterioration of the jaw bone? When you lose a tooth, the bones that act as the tooth-root socket begin to deteriorate—when that bone is gone the only thing that can help you is a bone graft. Deterioration of the jaw bone can also lead to further tooth loss.
  • Missing teeth cause the surrounding teeth to twist in an attempt to cover the gap
  • Missing teeth can also cause gum disease. Did you know that gum disease has been linked to stroke, diabetes, heart attacks and even oral cancer?

The best tooth is your natural tooth—that is why most dentists will perform root canal therapy, or suggest a crown before extracting a tooth. If, however, you have unfortunately lost a tooth or have had to have one extracted dental implants are great for your continued oral health.

Dental implant treatment can take up to six months…

The reason dental implants can take up to six months is that there needs to be time allowed for the titanium screw to integrate (fuse) with your jawbone. Once the titanium screw has fused with your jawbone small posts are attached to these implants—it is these small posts that provide the foundation for the prosthetic tooth. The treatment itself takes 2 appointments, although you will also have to appoint a consultation where your dentist will ensure that you have sufficient jawbone structure to support the dental implant.

The Consultation…

At Dental Clinic @ World Tower we use x-rays of the jaw to ascertain whether or not there is sufficient jawbone. If there is sufficient jawbone the surgery is performed under a local anaesthetic.

During the first appointment your titanium implant will be inserted…

Firstly, a hole is drilled into the jawbone; secondly the titanium implant is surgically inserted. If the implant is in the lower jaw it can take around three to four months to heal: if the implant is the in the upper jaw it can take 4 to 6 months. A temporary cap will be placed over the dental implant to protect it during this time.

1. Attachment of dental posts and prosthetic teeth

This appointment cannot take place until the implant has fully integrated into the jawbone. Once it has the temporary cap will be taken off so that an impression can be made. Custom made posts get attached to the implants and poke through the gum.

Prosthetic teeth or dentures are attached to the posts providing you with a strong permanent foundation. If you have a prosthetic tooth it can be cleaned (brush and flossed) like a normal tooth.

For more information on dental implants, or to book an appointment at our conveniently located dental practice in Sydney, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The tooth fairy is getting more generous, even to adults!


Dental Clinic @ World Tower gives the greatest gift of all for missing teeth: dental implants

A recent study has shown that the tooth fairy has increased her generosity in recent years, with tooth fairy donations inflating by approximately $17 per donation. Dentists have found that tooth fairy rates have been fluctuating since the nineteen eighties. In recent years parents’ pockets have been getting looser and looser, with some parents paying up to $20 for one single tooth. More than twenty years ago the tooth fairy reportedly gave on average 50 cents for one missing tooth and rarely paid more than a dollar.

How much should the tooth fairy give?

Here at Dental Clinic @ World Tower located in Sydney we’re often questioned by parents who have no idea how much is expected of the tooth fairy. Nowadays it can be a sensitive issue as kids will often boast about how much they’re given at school and it can be a form of competition in the schoolyard. It makes it very difficult when some parents give their child a twenty dollar note while some can only afford a gold coin beneath the pillow. If you can’t resist giving your child more than a dollar or two then we recommend placing a small amount into a savings account so they can spend it later in life when they’re more likely to spend it on meaningful items rather than candies which will only cause more teeth to fall out!

Unfortunately adults don’t have a tooth fairy, but you do have the next best thing…

The dentist is the next best thing to the tooth fairy and he or she can ‘magically’ heal your teeth utilising a range of modern dental technologies. There are a number of reasons why we can lose our adult teeth the main ones being periodontitis and accidental emergencies. If you do lose your tooth during an accidental emergency you should always pick it up by the tooth (not the root) and store it in your cheek while rushing to get to a dentist. If you don’t make it to the dentist in time for a natural tooth re-insertion then your dentist will most likely talk to you about dental implants – the most convenient and cosmetic solution to a missing tooth.

Dental Implants are the next best thing to your natural tooth…

Dental implants are infinitely better to receiving 2 or even 20 dollars as they can fully rejuvenate your smile and reinvigorate your confidence. The crown part of the implant looks natural and is bio-compatible with the mouth, which ensures that they are accepted by the body and don’t cause further complications. In the rare event that your dental implants do cause complication your dentist at Dental Clinic @ World Tower will consult with you and discuss your options.

Missing front teeth is endearing in children, but a gap in an adult mouth is dangerous…

Leaving a gap in your mouth is never recommended as the rest of your natural teeth will try to shift to fill in the gap. This results in an even gappier smile which can require expensive orthodontics treatments to fix.

Benefits of dental implants

Besides maintaining the aesthetic of your smile there are a number of other benefits to dental implants. Although thinking about a cash reward for losing your tooth is enticing, the gift of a perfect smile is even more beneficial and can bring you many more rewards in the long run, such as

  • Improved Job prospects
  • Improved social skills and confidence
  • Increases your chance of a second date (according to a recent study)

If you would like to find out more about our dental implant treatments please visit Dental Clinic @ World Tower located in Sydney or book an appointment by contacting us here.

Five Significant Reasons to Replace Lost Teeth Fast

Lost teeth can be devastating to your oral health as well as your appearance…


At Dental Clinic @ World Tower in Sydney, we understand the severe health implications that can follow a missing tooth, and want you to understand them, too. It is not just about replacing a tooth; it is about re-establishing harmony within the mouth and ensuring the balance is sustained. A missing tooth can cause many oral health issues, and this is why we have decided to outline why you should replace missing teeth as soon as possible.

At Dental Clinic @ World Tower we place emphasis on educating our patients, and believe it is through learning about your oral health that true action can be taken to prevent issues from developing. If you have lost a tooth, read on to discover why you should seek dental treatment as soon as possible…

1. The ability to speak becomes impeded…

Our teeth play an important role in the mouth, not only for chewing food but also for helping our mouth form words and noise. They help us to shape and structure the sound within the mouth, and missing teeth hinder this ability by providing large voids within the dental arch. Impeded speech will not only become frustrating, it can also impact both your social and professional life.

2. Your diet becomes restricted…

If you enjoy eating juicy steaks, you may want to replace missing teeth. When a tooth is lost, the remaining teeth begin to weaken and become unable to properly function. This means your teeth are more likely to become damaged if you chew hard or solid foods, so you miss out on that delicious steak as well as important vitamins and minerals!

3. Your face ages significantly…

Missing teeth create an aged appearance, and when a smile is incomplete, it cannot properly support the surrounding structure of the face, resulting in sunken cheeks and misshaped lips. This can severely impact the way your face naturally appears, and can impact your self-esteem greatly.

4. Your oral health could be in danger…

A healthy tooth stimulates the jawbone, keeping the jaw strong, durable and healthy. When a tooth is lost, this stimulation of the jawbone ends, which results in the jawbone slowly dissolving – causing bone loss and potential further tooth loss. This in turn can cause the periodontal (gum) tissue to withdraw, and heighten your risk of gum disease, which can be devastating to both your oral and overall health.

5. Your otherwise straight teeth become crooked…

The mouth is an amazing balance of gums, teeth and saliva that all play a pivotal role of digestion and defence against microorganisms. When a tooth is lost, the risk of gum disease and tooth decay heightens, the bacteria in the mouth is given a site in which to breed, and your otherwise straight teeth become crooked. The remaining teeth shift inside the mouth in an attempt to close the gap left by a missing tooth, and creates a domino effect.

Rediscover the feel, form and function of a healthy mouth…

At Dental Clinic @ World Tower we utilise one of the most revolutionary dental treatments for solving tooth loss: Dental implants. By giving you a completely new titanium tooth root, dental implants are able to be as strong, durable and functional as a natural tooth. Eat, talk and laugh with confidence once more with our dental implant treatment, available at our Sydney dental practice.

To discover more about our dental implant treatment or to book an appointment at our dental practice located in Sydney, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Reclaim the function of your smile with dental implants!

Do not be afraid to laugh, talk and eat again with dental implants – your permanent solution to tooth loss

Lost a tooth and are feeling incomplete, shy or embarrassed as a result? If you are having trouble not only gaining back your self-esteem but also your ability to eat the foods you want and speak without difficulty, then dental implants may be your answer! Don’t settle for soft foods and writing down what you want to say – take control of your tooth loss and visit us at Dental Clinic @ World Tower in Sydney to enhance your smile.

Dental implants not only revitalise your smile, they also offer a range of benefits…

Dental implants are the perfect solution for restoring your smile. Not only do they bring back full function, they also:
– Prevent neighbouring teeth from shifting to close the gap left by missing teeth
– Make it easier to keep optimal dental health by providing an easier cleaning surface
– Ensure the mouth is restored to an almost natural state
– Help preserve the integrity of the facial structure
– Ensure the mouth is restored to an almost natural state
– Help preserve the integrity of the facial structure
– Help to make sure adjacent teeth are not compromised to replace the missing teeth
– Makes oral hygiene easier
– Helps to maintain the health of your mouth

Don’t settle for a second-rate smile – it might just cost you that promotion!

It has been scientifically proven that a full set of beautiful white teeth will help you on the way to success! A study found that over 50% of the population notice a person’s teeth before any other feature, so it is even more important to get that smile revitalised to make that lasting first impression!
Experience a full set of teeth again with our dental implant treatment solution, so you can speak, drink, laugh and smile with confidence!
For more information on our dental implant procedure or to book an appointment at our Sydney dental practice please contact us.

Restore your smile for life with dental implants

The revolutionary new treatment that permanently restores your smile

Many Australians suffer with crooked, decayed, damaged or missing teeth in order to avoid the dental chair, but did you know that neglecting the condition of your mouth can lead to severe issues throughout your entire body?

Dental Clinic @ World Tower in Sydney provide many extensive treatments to remedy most conditions of the mouth, including tooth loss. If tooth loss goes untreated it can lead to:

  • Jaw bone deterioration
  • Migration of existing teeth
  • Collapsing of facial contours
  • Gum tissue shrinkage
  • Impaired speech
  • An aged appearance

If you have experienced tooth loss and want to restore your smile, dental implants may be perfect for you.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants differ to that of the traditional denture as they are not removable. Dental implants are a permanent solution to missing teeth, restoring full bite pressure- meaning you can eat all of your favourite foods again!

What is the process?

Dental implant procedures are conducted over a period of a few months to allow full healing and optimal results. Dental implants are made up of two parts; the screw and the crown. The screws are inserted into the jawbone as a replacement for the natural tooth root. The screws are then left for a few months to allow the jawbone to heal; accepting the screws as a part of your biological make up. When fully healed, we place the crowns onto the dental implants to create a fully restored beautiful smile.

For more information on dental implants or to book a consultation, please contact us.

Thousand Year Old Cosmetic Dentistry!

Recent studies have found that Native American people added jewels and decoration to their teeth 2,500 years ago.

In southern North America, tribes people went to ancient “dentists” to beautify their teeth with semiprecious gems, notches and grooves. This amazing discovery was made when scientists were studying thousands of teeth in the collections of Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History. Scientists are unsure of the exact origin of most teeth in the collections, but they belonged to people living in the region called Mesoamerica before the Spanish conquests of the 1500s.

The embellishment was not a mark of social class, and has been found in remnants of people from all walks of life. Other evidence of early Mesoamerican dentistry has been found, such as a person who received a denture made from animal teeth!

Be afraid of the ancient dentist…

“Dentists” of this period used a drill-like device with a hard stone which was capable of puncturing bone. The ornamental stones such as jade were then attached with an adhesive made from plant sap. These procedures showed evidence of dental technique, as they were able to drill into teeth without hitting the nerve tissue (pulp), therefore removing the likelihood of deadly infection, tooth loss or breakage of the tooth. Anaesthetic may have been formulated from a concoction of herbs…

In stark contrast, our team at Dental Clinic @ World Tower is highly experienced and utilises the latest dental technology and sedation techniques. To experience highly advanced dental treatment in a modern dental practice, please contact us.

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