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Five Significant Reasons to Replace Lost Teeth Fast

Lost teeth can be devastating to your oral health as well as your appearance…


At Dental Clinic @ World Tower in Sydney, we understand the severe health implications that can follow a missing tooth, and want you to understand them, too. It is not just about replacing a tooth; it is about re-establishing harmony within the mouth and ensuring the balance is sustained. A missing tooth can cause many oral health issues, and this is why we have decided to outline why you should replace missing teeth as soon as possible.

At Dental Clinic @ World Tower we place emphasis on educating our patients, and believe it is through learning about your oral health that true action can be taken to prevent issues from developing. If you have lost a tooth, read on to discover why you should seek dental treatment as soon as possible…

1. The ability to speak becomes impeded…

Our teeth play an important role in the mouth, not only for chewing food but also for helping our mouth form words and noise. They help us to shape and structure the sound within the mouth, and missing teeth hinder this ability by providing large voids within the dental arch. Impeded speech will not only become frustrating, it can also impact both your social and professional life.

2. Your diet becomes restricted…

If you enjoy eating juicy steaks, you may want to replace missing teeth. When a tooth is lost, the remaining teeth begin to weaken and become unable to properly function. This means your teeth are more likely to become damaged if you chew hard or solid foods, so you miss out on that delicious steak as well as important vitamins and minerals!

3. Your face ages significantly…

Missing teeth create an aged appearance, and when a smile is incomplete, it cannot properly support the surrounding structure of the face, resulting in sunken cheeks and misshaped lips. This can severely impact the way your face naturally appears, and can impact your self-esteem greatly.

4. Your oral health could be in danger…

A healthy tooth stimulates the jawbone, keeping the jaw strong, durable and healthy. When a tooth is lost, this stimulation of the jawbone ends, which results in the jawbone slowly dissolving – causing bone loss and potential further tooth loss. This in turn can cause the periodontal (gum) tissue to withdraw, and heighten your risk of gum disease, which can be devastating to both your oral and overall health.

5. Your otherwise straight teeth become crooked…

The mouth is an amazing balance of gums, teeth and saliva that all play a pivotal role of digestion and defence against microorganisms. When a tooth is lost, the risk of gum disease and tooth decay heightens, the bacteria in the mouth is given a site in which to breed, and your otherwise straight teeth become crooked. The remaining teeth shift inside the mouth in an attempt to close the gap left by a missing tooth, and creates a domino effect.

Rediscover the feel, form and function of a healthy mouth…

At Dental Clinic @ World Tower we utilise one of the most revolutionary dental treatments for solving tooth loss: Dental implants. By giving you a completely new titanium tooth root, dental implants are able to be as strong, durable and functional as a natural tooth. Eat, talk and laugh with confidence once more with our dental implant treatment, available at our Sydney dental practice.

To discover more about our dental implant treatment or to book an appointment at our dental practice located in Sydney, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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