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Reclaim the function of your smile with dental implants!

Do not be afraid to laugh, talk and eat again with dental implants – your permanent solution to tooth loss

Lost a tooth and are feeling incomplete, shy or embarrassed as a result? If you are having trouble not only gaining back your self-esteem but also your ability to eat the foods you want and speak without difficulty, then dental implants may be your answer! Don’t settle for soft foods and writing down what you want to say – take control of your tooth loss and visit us at Dental Clinic @ World Tower in Sydney to enhance your smile.

Dental implants not only revitalise your smile, they also offer a range of benefits…

Dental implants are the perfect solution for restoring your smile. Not only do they bring back full function, they also:
– Prevent neighbouring teeth from shifting to close the gap left by missing teeth
– Make it easier to keep optimal dental health by providing an easier cleaning surface
– Ensure the mouth is restored to an almost natural state
– Help preserve the integrity of the facial structure
– Ensure the mouth is restored to an almost natural state
– Help preserve the integrity of the facial structure
– Help to make sure adjacent teeth are not compromised to replace the missing teeth
– Makes oral hygiene easier
– Helps to maintain the health of your mouth

Don’t settle for a second-rate smile – it might just cost you that promotion!

It has been scientifically proven that a full set of beautiful white teeth will help you on the way to success! A study found that over 50% of the population notice a person’s teeth before any other feature, so it is even more important to get that smile revitalised to make that lasting first impression!
Experience a full set of teeth again with our dental implant treatment solution, so you can speak, drink, laugh and smile with confidence!
For more information on our dental implant procedure or to book an appointment at our Sydney dental practice please contact us.

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