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Why Replace Missing Teeth?

Patients with missing teeth can experience low self esteem, and a lack of confidence in social and professional situations.

Left untreated, tooth loss can have a dramatic effect on total oral health, physical appearance and the entire health and well being of a patient. With this in mind, our team will only perform a tooth extraction as a last resort.

Beyond restoring the aesthetic appeal of a smile and a patient’s confidence, dental implants can actively prevent a range of negative physical conditions associated with tooth loss.

Tooth loss can cause:

  • Deterioration of the jaw bone
  • Existing teeth to migrate
  • Facial contours to collapse
  • Gum tissue shrinkage
  • Impaired speech
  • An aged appearance
  • Decreased ability to eat certain foods

Physical signs of untreated tooth loss, such as bone degeneration and the migration of teeth, will become increasingly apparent in the years following the extraction or loss of a tooth. This can create a dramatically negative effect on the appearance of your whole face, and the function and health of your smile, and so it is important to address tooth loss as soon as possible.

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